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Collision Repair

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We've been doing collision repair in Brockton for over 50 years. We hold many certifications and are a preferred repair facility for many insurance companies. Weather you're going through insurance or paying for the repairs yourself, we can get you back on the road.

Structural Repairs

scion ia.jpg

We have the latest in auto repair technology so there is no job too big. Whatever damage you have, no matter how severe, we can repair it for you safely.

Diagnostic Scans

Check Egine.jpg

If your car is here for collision repair, both before and after your repairs at no charge we will complete a diagnostic scan to identify and resolve any trouble codes that may have arisen from your accident. If you just have a warning light on your dash like this Check Engine light, we can quickly scan that for you and give you the diagnostic report that should show how to resolve your problem.

Digital Paint Color Matching

silver venza.jpg

When your car is here for a collision repair, every detail matters. When we paint your car we have the latest in color match technology to make sure your car looks as good as its supposed to. From our vast library of color spray-outs to our state-of-the-art digital paint matching camera, our highly-trained I-CAR Platinum paint staff have all the tools they need to make your paint look right. Browse some of our pictures on Facebook and see for yourself.

Frame Repair


We've got the best technology available, a Genesis Velocity Laser Frame Measuring system to use with our Chisum Freedom Frame Machine. Our I-CAR Certified technicians can repair or replace any damaged frame component your vehicle may need.

Headlight Restoration


If your car is here for collision work, we can restore your headlight's shine at no charge. If you're looking to have just your headlights done, depending on the severity of the fade, it could cost $50 - $100 per headlight

Hassle Free Estimates


Drive your car down to the shop or send us pictures of your car and we can send you an estimate, its that easy! Estimates are $20 cash which if this is refunded to you when you book your repair with us

Paint Scratch Buffing

buff scratches.jpg

This Nissan Rogue was scratched by an ice scraper. We were able to buff this off instead of having to repaint saving the owner hundreds of dollars. If your car has some minor cosmetic scuffs / scratches, we can likely remove them for you.

Custom Painted Stripes

chevelle hood.jpg

Whatever you've got, we can paint for you

Towing Service


We work with multiple tow expert tow services that can tow your vehicle quickly and safely any day, any time. Even if you don't have AAA or another emergency tow service, we can work with your insurance company to make sure there is no cost to you for towing your disabled vehicle.

Early Bird / Nigh Owl Service


We are open early for your convenience at 6:30 AM Monday - Friday and we have a night owl overnight drop-off lock box if you need to drop your vehicle off after hours. Whatever time of day you need us, we can accommodate you.


Browse through a slideshow of some of our past repairs


At Centerville Auto Body, we have been providing quality collision repair services to our customers since 1968. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, our highly trained staff strives to always meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers. We also hold several certifications including 4 I-CAR Platinum technicians which qualifies us as an I-CAR Gold Shop. We are also Brockton's only Honda and Acura Pro First Certified repair shop. Our commitment to keeping up with the latest training and repair technology shines through in all of our repairs. 



1554 Main St.

Brockton, MA 02301

Tel: 508-588-8458



Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

​​Saturday: by appointment only

​Sunday: CLOSED

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